They were extremely polite and offered me a full refund-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow, this wedding dress is so amazing! I found this Off the Shoulder Tiered Lace Chapel Wedding Dress on Tidebuy and I love it for the first sight, how do you think about it? First, let’s look at the following two pictures and then will also read some tidebuy reviews below.


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However, after messaging Tidebuy I was reassured that the items were simply out of stock at that moment but that they would be coming if I choose to keep the order. They were extremely polite and offered me a full refund for the missing items which I personally chose to go with. However, I have no doubt that had I not chosen this I would have gotten my items as soon as they were restocked. I also like that you can choose to have an account on their site which can earn you S-Points which can be transferred into free items or nice discounts on items on their site. I will definitely be purchasing from Tidebuy in the future and I would recommend it to anyone who wants great clothes for a low costs.

I am pretty impressed with Tidebuy at first-Tidebuy Reviews

To prepare a special and wonderful wedding, a charming wedding dress is so necessary. But except this, there’re still so many items needed, such as wedding gloves, wedding jewelry sets and so on. Here, tidebuy reviews will prepare a wedding dress first for you, hope you will enjoy.



Good quality
I like this store because they have affordable prices and free shipping. I am really pleased with everything I have bought.

My number 1 place to go
I am pretty impressed with Tidebuy at first nervous but they completely earned my trust. I am so happy I looked every where for even decent swim suits and I found one finally and it was great price and shipping was not bad at all really pretty standard. I tried on my swim suit and didnt want to take it off… So comfy and fits how I expected.

Do you also want to buy your clothes from Tidebuy? If so, you may know more details from these tidebuy reviews on shipping methods, return policy and so on.


All of my items arrived in good condition-Tidebuy Reviews

Here, you’ll read some tidebuy reviews and know some details on Tidebuy, such as products quality, customer service, shipping methods, return policy and so on.


Great quality for a low
priceI wasn’t sure about Tidebuy at first but I have to say that I had an overall very positive experience with them. I ordered a variety of clothing and household items. I ordered several shirts, a skirt, a drink dispenser, and puppy rain boots for my dog. The site has a size guide which I would recommend you follow to ensure that you get the right size. I am normally a size M/L in US stores but on this site I need to order between a L/XL/XXL depending on the item. All of the items came exactly as described and a much higher quality than I was expecting for the low price. I also love that they have a wide selection of styles which is a nice change from shopping at a typical box store locally. All of my items arrived in good condition and on time with the exception of two items that were so popular that they were temporarily out of stock.

Read these tidebuy customer reviews, and check more on our platforms, you may know how Tidebuy’s working.

They have timely shipping and wonderful-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you love your dress bought online? I know some of you may be so satisfied with your dress but some of you maybe not. The most important thing is choosing a good shop, like tidebuy. First, let’s know some details from the following tidebuy reviews.


The service of Tidebuy group it’s a very good one. I likes to negotiate with them and i will do it again. i am very satisfied.

Love This Online Store
I have been nothing but pleased with this website, they have provided me with very cute and comfortable clothing and products of good quality. They have timely shipping and wonderful and kind costumer service. I would recommend anyone to shop here and I plan to shop here again in the future.

How do you think about tidebuy after reading all of these tidebuy reviews? Will you come to tidebuy and have a look?


I am very happy with the products-Tidebuy Reviews

Wow, you just can’t believe that so many people love to shop on Tidebuy and most if them left good tidebuy reviews. Want to read them?


Excellent service, delivery and quality!
I got to know Tidebuy from a friend of mine. He recommended the online shop to me. My first visit on the website was very positive. I had good impressions of the structure and the usability of the site. The selection of products is huge! You need your time to find something that fits to you but in the end the shopping cart is full of fancy products! You can’t get enough! The order process is quite easy and you can pay by credit card without any extra fees. I like that! The standard delivery to Germany is about 14 days which is good because the costs for delivery are quite small. The quality of the products is amazing!! I really like the correct fit of the products and they look like on the web shop. The customer service is also great! They answer within one day. I warmly recommend this shop.

Great website!
I am very happy with the products that I receive from Tidebuy. I always get the equivalent quality as I would at a normal store, but for cheaper! It’s amazing! I love it.

Do you also want to buy your clothes from Tidebuy? If so, you may know more details from these tidebuy reviews on shipping methods, return policy and so on.

I was very happy with all the items purchased-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, you’ll read some tidebuy reviews and know some details on Tidebuy, such as products quality, customer service, shipping methods, return policy and so on.

Let’s start reading these tidebuy customer reviews:

This website is amazing filled with great deals and cheap buys! you might say ‘it’s too good to be true” but i can asure you it is true!

LOVE the website
The first time I ordered something off of their website was for prom, which was in 2015. I had checked everywhere in stores for a dress that met what I was looking for (long sleeves, round collar etc.) and couldn’t find anything. I then found Tidebuy online and was surprised by what they had. Not only did they have really nice dresses, but the prices were VERY low compared to the prices in store which ranged from $100+. When I ordered the dress I was a bit skeptical about the dress turning out to be completely different from what the picture looked, but when it arrived it was exactly like the picture. Ever since, I have been ordering a lot from their website and have recommended it to many.

Great Quality Shopping
I was very happy with all the items purchased on Tidebuy. The order came within the expected days which was great. One item did not make it in the order due to the high demand but I was notified in advance by the Customer Care Department that they would mail it out once available and there would be no extra charge. The final item came within 2 days of the original order. Everything was intact and of very decent quality! I am sooo happy with Tidebuy and will definitely order more items from them!

After reading all these tidebuy customer reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? Do you want to do some shopping there? Looking forward to your coming…

I purchased a Black Bell Bottom Sleeve Dress-Tidebuy Reviews

Today i bring you some tidebuy reviews about a new fashion zipper decoration denim jacket, which are really popular these days, from theses tidebuy reviews, you could see tidebuy customer service, shipping method and time, tidebuy shipping and other things.

This is Amazing
I first went through several online store to check for the best price and I found Tidebuy. Their prices were very low I even doubted the quality of their products.But when I ordered a baseball hat,it was so good,stylish and of the highest quality I have ever seen.I hence forth trusted Tidebuy and its now my number one stop shop where I get high quality outfits.

Awesome Shopping Exprerience
I purchased a Black Bell Bottom Sleeve Dress and a pair of Vogue Abstract Print Wide Leg Pants For Women from Tidebuy and could not be happier. The garments were excellent quality fabric and well constructed. Taking into consideration that their sizing is different from American sizing I took all that into consideration and ordered the size that was best suited for my size and shape, both items fit very well. I received the items much sooner than expected and in excellent condition. Customer Service was not needed during the process of the order, but they have been excellent in making sure that I received the order and it was to my satisfaction. The overall shopping experience online with Tidebuy has been the best online shopping experience I have ever had. Look forward to placing my next order.

the place to shop
im writing a review about this online store Tidebuy its awesome they have tons of different stuff i have shopped there twice once for xmas the second just a couple of weeks ago the prices are so low the quality is so good just like from ant clothing store the customer service department is very good they get back to you very quick they solve the problem for you to no hassle with them they have mens and women stuff i give them a 9.5 in rating if something is backordered or not in stock they give you a choose if you want to wait alittle longer or pick something else so yes if you are alittle nervous dont be the only thing it takes about a week for them to ship out item so just be patient.

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I’ve been very pleased with my purchases-Tidebuy Reviews

Hi, do you have a very reliable online shop to recommend to us? I’d firstly love to introduce Tidebuy to all. No matter what, let’s read some tidebuy reviews here.

3 (3)

Great Service
I had ordered two swimsuits, one for me and one for a friend. My swimsuit arrived within the 7-25 business days. When I didn’t receive my friends swimsuit, I wrote a ticket to see what happened. They had great customer service, and helped resolve the issue.

One Of The Best On The Net
I’ve been very pleased with my purchases from Tidebuy. They offer unique trendy fashions at a very affordable cost, great customer service, and quick shipping to the US. I would definitely recommend to friends. I’ll definitely return to complete some truly individual and stand-out looks.

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I ordered a swimming suit-Tidebuy Reviews

Today, you’ll read some tidebuy reviews and know some details on Tidebuy, such as products quality, customer service, shipping methods, return policy and so on.

Let’s start reading these tidebuy customer reviews:


I ordered a swimming suit that I love so much. The size was perfect for me. I normally can’t fit tops I order from other sites because they are usually big. I have to order big due to my lower part of my body being big but Tidebuy product was great from top to bottom. I got so many compliments. So it’s only right that I buy more. I plan on buying another one for this summer coming up. I will also buy other items. I have a full list of favorites right now. I will be ordering from them very soon.

i think this will be something great
i haven’t received my products yet but when i contacted customer service they were very knowledgeable and helped me out a lot and even promised me a credit for there mistake.

After reading all these tidebuy customer reviews, how do you think about Tidebuy? Do you want to do some shopping there? Looking forward to your coming…

Tidebuy is a great place to shop-Tidebuy Reviews

Have you ordered something from Tidebuy? How do you think about its products, customer service, shipping methods and so on. Firstly, let’s read some tidebuy reviews to know some details here.


Great service and products!
Ordering from Tidebuy was a great decision even though I’ve heard several negative reviews for the shop. I ordered a pair of thigh highs and they fit well despite Asian sizes tending to be smaller. The quality of the socks were nice too. They’re elastic and comfy.

Good Shopping!
Tidebuy is a great place to shop!!! I have ordered from Tidebuy a few times now, and I have been pleased. They have a great variety of stuff. Men, women, and children, as well as accessories such as purses, jewelry and watches, shoes, they even have some toys and stuff for around the house!!! It is really amazing how much different stuff they have! The prices are great, they do not overcharge at all, and there is always something on sell, it is all very affordable. The shipping takes time. If you ordering something you need right now, I wouldn’t order here. Just be aware that it will take a couple of weeks to receive your order. I am really ok with the longer shipping time because the prices are so good. The clothing is good quality. I have not had any problems with any of it falling apart one day after you wear it, or anything like that. The customer service is pretty good, if you need to contact them you send an email, and they usually get back to you in about a day. I really enjoy shopping on this website!!!

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