Really happy with my products and the service-Tidebuy Reviews

Some customers love to shop on Tidebuy and they think they’ll be the forever customers. How do you think about Tidebuy? Do you want to know what tidebuy reviews the customers’ left?

Very happy
Tidebuy im so glad I found this website when I was searching to buy loads of dresses and tops, due to afterbirth of my beautiful son. I’ve gain so much weight non of my outfit fits me. I just can’t believe the customer service is extremely good as I received a response within 24hours of my question I sent them. Their delivery time is fast effective, the material of the outfit is what it says on the website no misconfusion. I’m very satisfied overall of my purchase with them. Being a new customer I was extremely happy to received a discount at my first sale and further more purchase I have done with them. I’ve already had my 5 orders I made with them and all of them arrived within 7 to 10days of my purchase. I’ve already put more items in my basket to buy end of June, looking forward to it, as they’ve already given me a discount code in my mail and points to use to save money when I purchase. Thank you Tidebuy.

excellent customer service
Bought the wrong size of dress and the admin was so willing to help me get the right size. They really care about the customers. Great prices fast shipping and great customer service!!! Items were exactly the same as pictured!!

The best price ever
I love Tidebuy from my first order last year .So much that I have order 3 more times .The customer service is very good They answer all emails and questions very fast .The shipping is supper fast and the quality of the clothes is amazing .All of this at a very very very low price .

My first purchase at Tidebuy
I made my first purchase on Tidebuy and was very satisfied with the quality of products for the low price they have. I recommend it !!

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I’m truly glad with my necklace-Tidebuy Reviews

Hello, did you buy some clothes, jewelries or shoes from Tidebuy these days? There are so huge promotions on Tidebuy, are you interested? Maybe first you’d read some tidebuy reviews!

Tidebuy is amazing
I’m truly glad with my necklace that I ordered from Tidebuy. The quality of the product is amazing and the waiting time wasn’t that long, so the necklace arrived on time and it was exactly what I wanted.

Great website
The clothes are really nice and so cheap! There is a massive range to choose from. Delivery was quicker than expected as well.

Love the site Tidebuy
I need to say that the site Tidebuy is perfect, you can find anything you want there.I love the clothes they sell, the price and the quality too.
I need to say also that I will continue shoppin’ there. Love it.

Great Website!
My expierence with was very plesant. I received all of my items in great condition and quality, and shipping was pretty fast. I ordered on 04/07 & received my items a week later. Love Tidebuy, great clothing and great prices. Thanks!

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My experience with Tidebuy was overall excellent.-Tidebuy Reviews

Maybe many of you are often going shopping online for clothes, home decor, shoes and so on. Today, I’ll bring you some tidebuy reviews to make you know how about it is.

My experience with Tidebuy was overall excellent. I recommend especially for if you have a smaller body and have a difficult time find clothes that fit. Prices are amazing and i will be shopping at Tidebuy in the future.

very satisfied with the produces i purchased from Tidebuy, they were top quality, inexpensive and shipping was fast. I always get comments when I wear the items I got from them. I just orders some new clothing items and can’t wait for them to get here. Love it!

The Best Online Store!
My first order ever on Tidebuy was small just to test it out and see what the quality of the items would be like and whether i’d actually receive them! Ever since that time, i have not looked back lol 🙂
The site is simply wonderful. To date i have ordered over 15 items and i was happy with all. And the benefit is that you also can get 10% off coupons on these cheap items. I cannot praise this site enough. Good work Tidebuy

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Best online shopping site-Tidebuy reviews

There are so many customers bought clothes from Tidebuy, and most of them felt so satisfied with both of the items and tidebuy customer service.

How about it? Just read some tidebuy reviews to know details.

Love, Love, Love this site
I came across this website while looking for inexpensive women’s shoes for an upcoming event I was to attend. I couldnt believe the prices were so low and was a bit hesitant at first because I thought the items must be of very low quality. I ended up ordering 3 pairs of shoes for myself and I couldnt be happier with my purchases. The items are so unique and cute I am complemented each time I wear a pair of the shoes. Good quality, fast shipping and very unique items… give it a try, you wont be disappointed!!

Best on line store
I bought 2 dresses for my mom and tidebuy dresses was the best on line store to get them from great prices great customer service any great to follow up after receiving the items making sure I was there top priority in there on line store with all this and wonderful items to pick from you to will see why I fail in love with tidebuy on line store.

The best website for affordable, stylish clothing
I just received clothes from Tidebuy. They look just like the picture, the size is correct and the fabric is good. They have a wide choice of clothing at a low price, but not low quality! I would definitely recommend purchasing from them.

Tidebuy is the most easy and best online shopping experience you could possibly have!
I can say from experience that Tidebuy is a well trusted online shopping company. They have a wide range of products and answer your questions in a timely manner. Tidebuy has shown me how easy it is to shop online and there products have definitely caught my attention.

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I came across this website while looking for inexpensive women’s shoes-tidebuy reviews

I know that many of you have bought dress or shoes from Tidebuy and also left some tidebuy customer reviews on your good or bad shopping experience.

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Tidebuy review (today 7 orders & no problems 🙂 )
I love the website, especially the jewellery and accessories items. I have bought some fabulous costume jewellery for much less €€ than what it would cost on the High street shops. Some of the items I bought were exactly half price so I am always excited to get my purchases! I have got so many compliments on my purchases that I end up ‘sharing my secret’ and telling them about 🙂 Delivery of my purchases (of which I have made 7 orders with more than 1 item in each) can take a bit of time to get to me but that’s ok with me because I purchase well in advance and the delivery is free…another huge bonus! Payment is safe too using Paypal ..another huge plus. To date I haven’t had any problems with any jewels etc missing in my necklaces but I know there is a risk that can happen in I always check my necklaces before I throw out the packaging! I can spend hours browsing through the jewellery and scarf sections as they are my favourite. So go check it out !! From a very happy customer 🙂

I love shopping at Tidebuy!
I love shopping at Tidebuy! I have made about 7 orders from their site over the past few years, buying everything from jewellery to dresses to shoes, and have been well pleased with all of it. The clothes I’ve purchased have always fit well – the sizes are not American sizes, but they give you a fairly accurate size chart with measurements for everything, so you always know what size the garment will be. As for the jewellery I most recently ordered, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality for such inexpensive costume jewellery. I also have a couple of bags from Tidebuy, one of which I carry nearly every day and I always receive compliments. What a fantastic store! You just have to be prepared to wait *a little* on the shipping, as it can sometimes take a while. But it’s not too bad.

Excellent service
I have recently started ordering through Tidebuy and it became my number 1 shopping site. At Tidebuy you can get a lot of items at affordable prices. I have found the customer service representatives to be effective and efficient. I definitely will recommend this site to my family and friends.

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I just received clothes from Tidebuy-Tidebuy Reviews

How about the service on Tidebuy? Who knows? Tidebuy reviews will answer this question: We engaged in providing a better customer service and better quality items at affordable value.
With advanced technology system, experienced operations team, sales team and efficient logistics services, has quickly become a leader of cross-border e-commerce.

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I loved my shopping experience with Sammy Dress! I had heard the shipping took some time but coming from overseas it was very reasonable. The items I received were as described and look great! I really appreciated how customers who had also purchased the item were able to upload photos and comments about sizing, colors, fit, etc. I will surely shop here again!

Love Tidebuy – Cute Cheap Clothes
I recently have become far more interested in fashion. Tidebuy is my go-to, because it allows me to be more adventurous and take risks with my fashion choices without breaking my bank! The most important thing that you need to consider is sizing. The best advice I can give is to carefully read the sizing charts to pick the proper size, as well as read any reviews that are available for that particular item (they can tell you if it runs small, or if its sheer, etc).
Shipping does takes a while, but that should be expected as they a) warn you ahead of time about shipping timeframes and b) its coming from Asia and I’m in the United States.
I would definitely shop at Tidebuy again!

Affordable trendy style.
I love this site for affordable clothing. I shop many categories from current trends to vintage. I have never bee disappointed with the selection, ordering ease, or shipping. The quality of the items is great!

I love shopping at
Overall a wonderful experience!
The clothes are super cute!

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Tidebuy is a well trusted online shopping company-Tidebuy Reviews

In these tidebuy customer reviews, you will know customers’ good or bad comments on tidebuy’s products and customer service, which maybe very helpful when you are shopping.

Tidebuy is great!
I love shopping in Tidebuy, the price is good, the clothes and accessories are beautiful, and the service is great because they give fast customer support. It’s worth shopping at this website!

Amazing Product
Tidebuy is everything i was looking for great shoes and a great price!

Cute Plus Size Suits for Edgy Plus Size Women
I absolutely love this website for swim suits! The prices are cheap, and the suit are unique, especially for plus size women! I got a high waisted two piece fringe from them, and I love it! I wear a size 14 and 40DDD , so the 2x fix perfect! The quality of the suit is not “long lasting”, but for the price, who cares? It took 10 days for it to come. Only issue is, if you purchase more than one item (swim suits), especially when the product is new, they won’t have it ready to ship. This means your items come separately. But I’ve just purchased my third suit, and my also brought my mother and aunt two cute ones as well! Loveeeeee them! Can’t wait to get on the beach!

Easy, beautiful and affordable
I am extremely satisfied with all purchases. When you take the time to read the product sizing chart and acknowledge your.actual measurements there is no way the clothing won’t fit. As far as purchase to receive time I can’t complain. The most I have waited for a purchase is 4 weeks and that is more than a reasonable waiting time. I am in love with this website and will continue to.order and recommend.I love the compliments I get when I wear my purchases.

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I have been shopping many times-Tidebuy reviews

Hello, do you know Tidebuy? Have you done some shopping there? Here, you will have a chance to read some tidebuy customer reviews, which maybe helpful for you online shopping.

Really good website!
I have been shopping many times on Tidebuy and almost every single time the fit was PERFECT. When something was wrong they always try to accomodate me and their answer is fast! Shipping is also very fast, usually within 2 weeks I receive my order. It is very good as I live in Canada! I already recommended that site to several people and will continue to! thanks Tidebuy for the beautiful clothes you are offered at a good price and quality!

Tidebuy got me dressed
Their products are fashionable and the quality vs price ratio is very good. They sell nice dresses I’ve never found in stores in the netherlands. It is awesome to wear something unique like their dresses and be the center of attention. Their products give me a lot of confidence.

they offer great information so most of the time I don’t have any problems with their (asian) sizes.

Even when something does go wrong their customer service is superb. They arrange everything and never let me down.

Shipping is fast too. I’ve order two dresses with my last order and they arrived within 2 weeks! normally when I order from companies outside Europe I have to wait atleast 4 weeks!”

Amazing Site
I love this store so much i got everything on time it was amazing quality, got so many gifts for people cant wait to order more stuff.

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I was extremely pleased with the service-tidebuy reviews

Hi, do you want to read some more tidebuy reviews here? OK, i THINK you will be pleased with the following materials.

In these tidebuy customer reviews, you will know customers’ good or bad comments on tidebuy’s products and customer service, which maybe very helpful when you are shopping.

felecia Tidebuy experiance
Ordering the items I wanted and paying was a breeze I’m still waiting for the items to come in but I am very excited to try everything on.

I was extremely pleased with the service and quality of Tidebuy !
I decided to order from the site so that I could get my own opinion because I had heard negative and positive reviews. I decided to order from Tidebuy, and I’m happy I did ! I decided to order one purchase just to play it safe, l I wish I had ordered more from the site. I ordered an outstanding watch from the site around Christmas time. I received the watch about 3 and a half weeks later, which was expected because I know how businesses can be busy around the holidays receiving alot of orders at one time can be overwhelming. I made sure that I was able to track the item, and I checked with the site & shipping companies regularly. When I received the watch I was extremely pleased. The watch came in a nice little package everything was there and correct with my purchase. The watch itself was packaged great too, they put a helpful plastic protective covering over the face of the watch and the links to prevent scratching and denting which was a great for me. I inspected and looked over the watch precisely to make sure everything worked and functioned up to par, all in which did. I could adjust the time with the dial as well and it worked great, I was extremely pleased. The watch link size was too big on my wrist but I figured it was that way so that it was customizable for those with larger wrist sizes, which was also a plus. I was able to easily resize the watch myself by watching a Youtube video on how to remove links. Once I was finished, the watch fit my wrist perfectly ! Whenever I wore the watch I received a ton of compliments. People who saw the watch automatically thought it cost over $100 or that it was a Micheal Kors watch, when in reality I paid less than $10, that’s how good and expensive the watch looked ! I was so happy with the watch, it went with all of my outfits, I was able to dress it up or dress it down, it was my staple piece to every outfit. But sadly, the watch was stolen from me from my gym locker while at school 🙁 . Again, that gives you an great example of how good quality the watch was ! ). But overall, I was completely pleased with my purchase from Tidebuy, the customer service was great. I will definitely be purchasing from Tidebuy again ! I love the watch !

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I was very impressed the customer service-Tidebuy reviews

As you all know that tidebuy is a super online shop for wedding dress, all kinds of special occasion dress, day dress, high heels and so on. So, do you want to read some tidebuy reviews from customers?

Excellent Tidebuy
I was very impressed the customer service after shipping. Got very swift responses to my queries and good were derived faster than expected. offers great quality, wide selections and affordable prices!
Finding a site that allows me to shop from home, has a wide range of products and selections, and fits into my paycheck to paycheck budget was discovering my own mall I purchased six differnt items, clothes, sandals, fake toe and finger nails and a piece of hair jewlery. ITems came in a timely manner, well packaged and damage or flaw free. The quality of the items was fantastic and the prices were truly amazing and affordable. I already have plans for future purchases, this is my new favorite store and will be yours if you try it.

Tidebuy is awesome!
I’ve been ordering from Tidebuy for a few years now and have always been very happy with my purchases. Everything came exactly as described, if not better. I will absolutely love ordering from SD and so does my husband. 😀

turned out to be my favorite store
My experiences with Tidebuy have always been good, they deliver what they promise and for a good price. I’ll shop at Tidebuy again with no doubt.

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